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Finding a proper school for your child can be challenging. Whichever school they go to can shape their future. This is why you should consider a montessori school for the best education a child can have. Getting a headstart during preschool will better prepare your child in the long run.

A montessori method views a child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge. They’ll be able to initiate learning and given a supportive, thoughtfully prepared environment. Multi-age groupings make collaborating between peers a guided choice. They’re uninterrupted and will be able to work in their own freedom. Guidance should be guidance, not forced lecture.

Montessori SchoolOur toddler daycare and preschool provides the kids with a fun learning experience as they partake in child development exercises to get them ready for kindergarten and above. When they attend preschool they will be able to learn the skills and techniques of socialization, colors, and numbers. In addition, if you are working a few late hours and need some extra care for your little one, our after school program will be able to watch over them with the proper care they need.

Not only is our curriculum excellent for the healthy growth of your child, but they all have a splendid time learning with their peers.We encourage independence and will give your child the most holistic learning experience at our preschool. Contact Monroe Montessori School in Monroe, WA today for the next step in your child’s education.

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